Fire Board

Board MemberEnd of Term
Jeff Daniel, Chairman Dec 2024
Don Rountree, ClerkDec 2024
Wayne PoseyDec 2024
Jim BrouilletteDec 2026
John MihelichDec 2026

Buckskin Fire District is governed by an elected 5 member Fire Board to oversee the business operations of BFD. Each member is elected for a 4 year term; elections are held every two years. In the event a vacancy on the Board should occur during the year, the remaining elected members shall appoint someone to fill the vacant position. If the Fire Board is unable to make the appointment, the La Paz County Board of Supervisors shall appointment the new member to fill the vacant position.

Powers and Duties of Fire Board

Fire District powers and duties; definition as per A.R.S. 48-805 can be found here.

Adoption of PSPRS Pension Funding Policy as per House Bill 2097. The State of Arizona passed HOUSE BILL 2097 which will affect Fire Districts. Beginning on or before July 1, 2019, each governing body of an employer shall annually adopt a Pension Funding Policy for the system for employees who were hired before July 1, 2017. BFD has complied with this new requirement.
Click on link below for more information:
PSPRS BFD Pension Funding Policy 2019

Local Pension Board

Local Pension Board is currently filled. For more information see our Local Pension Board page.